XUAN HUONG, Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur New World 2017: “To live is to bring beauty to life”

XUAN HUONG, Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur New World 2017: “To live is to bring beauty to life”

In the early 90s when the concept of beauty care was still unpopular for women, the businesswoman Dang Thi Xuan Huong did make a hard choice to stick her life to aesthetics. This was originated from her own love and passion for bringing Beauty to life and to every single one.

Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 1 Xuan Huong, Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur

A start-up full of obstacles and difficulties

The businesswoman’s start-up was a small beauty parlor named Xuan Huong Spa located at No.221 Kham Thien Street, Hanoi. As a result of her talent, passion and enthusiasm, it has gradually become the ideal beauty address of Vietnamese women which contains a variety of beauty services such as Aesthetic Embroidery and Spraying, High-tech Skin Care and Spa… Typically, it is vey proud that at that time Xuan Huong was trusted to be the companion to many famous actors and singers on their beauty journey.

Gt 22 With her passion and 30-year experience in aesthetics, Ms. Xuan Huong became the companion to many businesswomen, politicians and famous stars.

In the developing society, beauty care is visibly an indispensable demand. For this reason, Xuan Huong Beauty Center was established at No.22 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Hanoi. It quickly became the spotlight on aesthetics market thanks to the modern five-star facilities, well-trained and experienced doctors who used to attend refresher courses abroad.

Furthermore, Miss Xuan Huong has constantly studied and updated the latest aesthetic trends from other developed countries like Korea and the USA… in order to supply the most perfect cosmetic services in which Beauty and Safety are the priority.


The founder of Xuan Huong Beauty Center has constantly studied and attempted to bring a perfect beauty to more customers

Her love for aesthetics meets success

A range of noble prizes has proved Ms. Xuan Huong’s talent, passion and efforts, remarkably the Typical ASEAN Businesswoman awarded by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, the Golden Hand in Aesthetic Services and Skin Care, the Typical Businesswoman and Top 50 International Typical Businesswomen…


Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 3 Ms. Xuan Huong was awarded Top 50 International Typical Businesswomen

Under Xuan Huong’s and the leadership’s management, the Beauty Centre has increasingly affirmed its reputation and become one of the 10 best brands of community health care awarded by the Ministry of Health. Besides, with her experienced and skillful hands, Ms. Xuan Huong made the services of cosmetic spraying and skin care reach the Golden Award of perfect quality for health and beauty care. Additionally, Xuan Huong Beauty Centre was honored as the well-known brand of skin and body care in the period of Asia-Pacific Economic Integration, the Top 20 Vietnamese Brands voted by customers, the Typical Business and the top 10 Vietnam’s Services of Cosmetic Surgery – Face and Body Contouring. It was also received merits and medals for perfect service quality awarded by the Korean IHO Association…


Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 4 Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur, Xuan Huong, at the prize-giving ceremony of Hanoi Typical Businesses 2015

With the strategic vision of an entrepreneur, the Chairman Xuan Huong has a clear orientation for the future development of the Beauty Center. That is expanding the cosmetics market, cooperating with foreign partners to become an international aesthetics hospital in the near future.

In spite of being the businesswoman of new times, Ms. Xuan Huong can be said to be the representative of Vietnamese women who are good at both business and housework. She not only has an attractive modern appearance but also holds a great intelligence and a beautiful spirit. Specially, she knows how to transform all of them into her own power to devote to the family and society.

New steps to success

Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 5 The great beauty, talent and bravery of a businesswoman helped Xuan Huong to be crowned Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur New World 2017 in Canada

With 30-year experience and positive contributions to aesthetics, the founder of Xuan Huong Beauty Center was invited to be the honored guest of the program “Vietnam Powerful Beauty” which aims to respect the women’s talent and wisdom in the era of innovation. She was also the beauty advisor for “Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017”, the judge of “Vietnam Charm Entrepreneurs” season 3 and the member of the Evaluation Council in the program “The Power of Women 2017”… In addition, Xuan Huong’s reputation is also reflected in other important social positions, namely Permanent Vice Chairwoman of the Northern Association of Aesthetics Vocational Training & Development, Vice Chairwoman of WLIN Capital Club Hanoi, and Executive member of Hanoi Association of Small & Medium Enterprises…

Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 5 Undertaking lots of social positions, Ms. Xuan Huong has made every effort to strengthen the Vietnamese beauty industry

Specifically, the title Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur New World 2017 in Ms Vietnam New World 2017 contest is a milestone of Xuan Huong’s uplifting journey with the beauty. The competition was licensed and protected by the Canadian government. This is organized to honor the beauty and talents of Vietnamese women, thereby contributing to promote the Vietnamese image and culture to international friends. With her talent, bravery and confidence, Ms. Dang Thi Xuan Huong succeeded to the crown of Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur New World 2017.


Social missions of the new Miss entrepreneur

Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 6 She was also the beauty advisor of Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017 contest

Not only a Miss with perfect beauty and talents but Xuan Huong is also known as a humane one. She has actively participated in social work and charitable activities with the thought that “to Give is to Receive” and charity originates from heart.


Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 7 Miss Xuan Huong has a warm heart and always remains active in volunteer activities…

For the past years, Ms. Xuan Huong and her Beauty Centre have supported many projects namely “Wings of Dreams”, “Crossing Rivers for words”, “Warmth in the highlands”, “Light up dreams”, and “Mid-Autumn Festival for Children”… Besides, she has also contributed to the Golden Heart Fund, helped poor people in difficulties; trained, inspired and created jobs for the young generation; given scholarships to students in remote areas, assisted to nurture the lonely elderly and shared with the victims of the landslide in Son La… Witnessing the circumstances she helped to overcome the poverty and difficulties, she felt her life was much more beautiful.

Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 8 ….shares with the difficult and unhappy circumstances in the community

A person’s happiness is to make others happy. And although the time is flying and her aesthetic career has experienced many ups and downs, Miss Entrepreneur Xuan Huong has still kept living and working according to the meaning of her name: “To live is to bring beauty to life and spring to other women”.

Hoa hậu Doanh nhân Xuân Hương 9 and has constantly tried to pass her vocational experience and enthusiasm to the next generations